Welcoming Spaces Scale

(Methodology based on Big Tent project and methodology implemented across Greater Hartford in 2012)

Each participating agency and synagogue was evaluated on the following questions. The results were aggregated and reflected on a ten-point scale.

Websites that welcome visitors and make explicit what’s accessible to non-members
1) Is the website up-to-date?
2) Does the website have a calendar of events?
3) Does the website state when events are free?
4) Does the website have an explicit welcome message?
5) Is there an easy way to contact the institution?
6) Does the institution provide contact information for individuals?

Inquiry phone call experiences
7) Did the phone call reach a live person on the first attempt?
8) If a voicemail was left, was the message warm and friendly?
9) If a voicemail was left, did the inquiry get a return phone call?

Inquiry email experiences
10) Did someone respond to the email inquiry?
11) Did the email proactively offer program information?
12) Did the email inquire further about the person’s needs and interests?
13) Did the response ask for contact information of the newcomer?

Physical spaces
14) Is it clear where to enter?
15) If the entrance is locked, is it clear how to ring/gain entrance?
16) Is there a welcome sign?
17) Is there signage indicating where to go for 1) services? 2) office staff? 3) restroom?
18) Is the entrance ADA accessible?
19) Is the lighting adequate?
20) Is the entrance warm and friendly? (e.g., pictures, photos, flowers, other decorations)