Understanding Greater Hartford’s Jewish Community,
Shaping Our Future

Respondent Analysis: South/Southwest

About South/Southwest Respondents

  • 11% of South/Southwest respondents considered themselves “secular,” while no other region exceeded 4%.
  • Respondents from the South/Southwest consider themselves as “living with a partner” in much higher proportion (12%) than the average (2%).
  • Compared to other outlying areas, a higher percentage of South/Southwest respondents are in interfaith relationships (34% compared to 22% East of River and 17% Valley).
  • South/Southwest respondents live in two person households in higher proportions than other outlying regions (46% vs 31% East of River and 29% Valley).
  • Compared to other outlying regions, the South/Southwest respondents are more geographically dispersed. Whereas 68% of Valley respondents live in Simsbury or Avon, and 64% of East of the River respondents live in Glastonbury or Manchester, only 40% of South Southwest respondents live in the two towns with the highest percent of South/Southwest respondents (Newington and Middletown).
  • 32% of South Southwest respondents responded “definitely” to the question “how likely are you to move from your current address in the next three to five years.” No other geographic region exceeded 22 percent.